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To purchase Autographed & personalized copies of the book: Barnsley Gardens The Illustrious Dream contact:

The Barnsley Gardens Resort Outpost:

Donna Martin at
770-773-7480 Ext. 2800

Clent Coker at
Barnsley Museum: 770-773-1870

Julia Company G.M. Marshall Owen 678-576-7776


For special lectures, story tours, book signings and off-site lecture engagements with Clent Coker contact:

The Barnsley Museum 770-773-1870
or Clent Coker at


For Barnsley Resort on-site group lectures and private story tours with Clent:

Barnsley Gardens Resort 770-773-7480

Joy Guthrie at Ext. 2052

Donna Martin at Ext. 2800


(special story tours featuring Clent dressed in original Barnsley costume is also available upon request.)