“I thoroughly enjoyed your book, The Illustrious Dream. I would lay it down and could hardly wait to read it again and again. What a great mixture of southern history and stories.”
-Gary M. Berry, Pontiac Michigan

Thank you so much for providing us a personal tour and lecture on my visit to the Barnsley Garden Resort last week. I am reading your book and cannot put it down. It is magnificent.
I believe another book is to be written…this one about you and all the trials and tribulations of writing “The Illustrious Dream”.
Meeting you, your book, and your museum work has made my year; and the beautiful historic design of the Resort is so outstandingly refreshing. I will certainly be returning to Barnsley Gardens.”
-Jason Wetzel, Field Historian
Office of Army Reserve History
Fort McPherson, Georgia

“My wife and I recently visited the Barnsley Resort. The highlight of our trip was the story tour took us on and now we have both read your book with much enjoyment. It must have required endless labor with all the years of research and compiling the stories. A great read.”
-Chuck Gordon, Atlanta

It was so good meeting you last weekend at the Barnsley Gardens Museum. You are the heart of the place. I could have stayed with you all day. I read your book before I left on Sunday-it was fantastic. The Resort is also a first class property.
As I said that day, I am the owner of the lodge at Buckberry Creek in Gatlinburg, TN. Our family has been involved in it for generations. If I can be of any assistance to you or your Barnsley project, let me know. Would love to have you come to see me in Gatlinburg.

Buddy McLean”